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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: MEDELA INC Will No Longer Produce Soft Fit Breastshield

Dear Valued Customer/User,

This email was sent by our Supplier regarding the change of Medela Soft Fit Breastshield to Personal Fit Breastshield.

March 25, 2011
Re: Product Change/SoftFit Breastshield Transition

Dear Customer:

Correctly fitted breastshields clearly provide benefits to mom in terms of both pumping comfort and removal of milk

(1) Medela’s wide range of PersonalFit™ breastshields have satisfied the breastshield sizing needs of mothers by offering sizes from 21mm to 36mm for more comfortable and productive pumping sessions. 
“Many women appear to benefit from a size other than the standard 24 mm breastshield … many moms were fitted with either a Large or Extra Large breastshield within the first days after birth, and even more moms eventually used these larger sizes in order to pump comfortably and effectively.”
(2) Due to limited sizing on SoftFit™ breastshields, along with feedback from mothers, Medela has decided to phase-out of the SoftFit breastshields. The phase out of SoftFit breastshields will occur throughout the remainder of 2011. The products impacted as well as the projected phase out dates are as follows:

Personal Use Pumps:
1. Harmony™ and Swing™ Pumps (all versions of 67186 and 67050, respectively) - will transition to a 24mm PersonalFit breastshields by end of March, 2011.
2. Pump in Style® Metro and Freestyle™ (all versions of 57036 and 67060, respectively) – will transition to two 24mm PersonalFit breastshields and will include an extra set of two 27mm breastshields. This transition will take place end of May, 2011.

Choosing the Correct Breast Shield
Are you experiencing discomfort, loss of suction or low milk flow when pumping? You may be using the wrong sized breastshield. Custom breast shields and inserts can help overcome these problems and maximise pumping efficiency.

Is my Breast Shield the Right Size?
An incorrectly fitted breast shield can cause pain and trauma to the nipple and aereola, affect milk supply if breasts are not being emptied, lower the amount of milk expressed, and lead to problems such as blocked milk ducts and mastitis.

To check if your current breast shield is the correct size, compare your fit with the images below. Look at your nipple as it is drawn into the tunnel of the shield during pumping. It should move freely and easily, and should not rub against the sides of the tunnel.

Correct fit• Nipple moves freely
• Nipple doesn't rub against sides

Too small• Nipple rubs against sides
• Pumping may be uncomfortable or painful
• A ring of skin flecks may appear in the tunnel after pumping
Try a larger size

Too large
• The aereola is being pulled into the tunnel

• Pumping may be uncomfortable or painful
Try a smaller size

How to Measure for the Right Size

To find your correct breast shield size, measure both nipples (when at rest) with a ruler.

Custom breast shields are listed below. Choose the size closest to your measurements: if in between sizes, opt for the larger fit rather than smaller.

Custom Breast Shields for Medela Pumps

Medela breast pumps come with standard-sized 24mm breast shields. The following custom breast shields and inserts can be used with Medela pumps:
  • 21mm Medela Personal Fit Breastshield Kit (Small)
  • 24mm Medela Personal Fit Breastshield Kit (Medium)
  • 24mm Medela SoftFit Breastshield (NO LONGER PRODUCED BY MEDELA)
  • 27mm Medela Personal Fit Breastshield Kit (Large)
  • 30mm Medela Personal Fit Breastshield Kit (XL)
  • 36mm Medela Personal Fit Breastshield Kit (XXL)
We hope that, all Medela Breastpump user will benefits with this info sharing.

Best regards,
IffaAnuar @FW


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