Friday, January 21, 2011

Philips AVENT Single Electronic Breastpump - BPA FREE

Philips AVENT Single Electronic Breastpump

"Our unique BPA-Free pump is designed with an electronic memory that puts you in control by learning and continuing your personal pumping style."

Benefits and Features:
Learns and continues your pumping rhythm
Lear Continuous Your Pumping RhythmElectronic memory learns and at the touch of a button, continues your personal pumping rhythm.
Stimulate and Express
Gentle vacuum mimics baby's suckling for steady milk flow
The gentle-draw vacuum mimics baby's suckling to create a steady milk flow that requires less pumping.
Soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down, like baby
Soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down, like babyPatented massage cushions flex in and out, replicating baby's suckling action and is intended to help stimulate a fast natural let down.
Helps You Breastfeed Longer Use Three Ways
More milk, naturally
Expression allows breast milk to be available, even when you can't be there
By mains power, battery power and manual
In addition to mains power, this single electronic pump can also operate using battery power and as a manual pump, for total flexibility.
Technical Specifications


Voltage: 100 - 240 V

Country of origin

England: Yes

What is included

Electronic Breast Pump: 1 pc
Bottle stand/funnel cover: 1 pcs

Battery pack: 1 pcs
Manual pump parts for when power is not available: 1
Spare parts: 1 pcs
Breast milk container (125 ml/ 4 oz): 1 pcs
Extra soft, Newborn Flow Nipple: 1 pcs
Teat travel pack: 1 pcs

Development stages

Stages: 0 - 6 months

Philips AVENT Single Electronic: User Manual
Philips AVENT Single Electronic: Leaflet
Philips AVENT Single Electronic: FAQs


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 More Info    Buy Now


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