Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Track Ur Parcel! - Delivery for 27/01/2011

Salam and Hi to All,

Please find updates for delivery scheduled on 27/01/2011:

Medela Freestyle
  1. Pn. Ziana, Bintulu (COD at KL)
  2. Pn. Azlina, Bangi - ED 970825313 MY
  3. Pn. Liyana, Ipoh - ED 962546714 MY
Philips AVENT Single Manual
  1. Pn. Shariela, S.Alam - ED 962546802 MY
  2. Pn. Ilyani, Sg. Buloh - ED 962546820 MY
  3. Pn. Izaty, KL - ED 962546691 MY
  4. Mr. W Zariman - ED 962546847 MY (Waiting for address)
  5. Pn. Ct Sarah, Kangar - ED 962546759 MY
  6. Pn. Sha, Sepang - ED 962546731 MY
  7. Pn. Azira, Penang - ED 962546864 MY
Please inform us once you received the item safely. Thank you.



on behalf of wan zariman, how can i give u the adress? thank you. kindly emel to me

@Lady: W Zariman would like to self-pickup the pump. Will arrange with him this evening. Thank you

@Mrs.Engineer: Incoming stock in 2 weeks time, if interested please log order at e-store and make deposit payment to confirm the order.


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