Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Item in da House! - Medela Harmony-

Dear All,

Glad to inform you that we are now selling Medela Harmony at ONLY RM 150 with FREE Delivery to Pen. Malaysia. Currently only 3 units available.

3 x Medela Harmony: (SOLD OUT!!)
  1. Available Sold to Ameera
  2. Available Sold to Dila Nyamuk
  3. Available Sold to Dila Nyamuk
What’s Included

  • 1 Ergonomic Swivel Handle
  • 1 SoftFit Breastshield
  • 1 container stand
  • 5oz. Container x 2
  • 2 lids
  • Breastfeeding Information Guide
  • Instruction Manual
Interested? You can pre-order this item by making 50% deposit. Delivery from US will take about 2-3 weeks. Please email us at faheem.wardrobe@gmail.com

Payment can be done to:

154035437873 (Maybank) or

14081218474528 (CIMB)

Name: Ahmad Firdhaus Bin Che Mohd Zulkifli

Best Regards,
Faheem's Wardrobe


Oops, baru perasan harganya RM150 + postage... Kalau saya mau booked macam mana ya? Saya mau la satu :)

Yes dear..as per email..dah reserved for you..kindly email us transaction receipt once payment done yaa.. TQ

salam..sya berminat ngan medela harmony tu..xleh COD ke?

siti..thanks for the interest..COD boleh..tp skang stock not available..kne pre-order dlu..ble email ke sy faheem.wardrobe@gmail.com untuk keterangan lanjut.TQ

saya nak booked 1 medela harmony ni... berapa kena byr utk deposit... bila ada stock?

@ummi iman:

New Stock insyaAllah smp in 2/3 weeks..sila email kami ya..



nk tnya, skrg ada stock tak medela harmony ni, @ kena pre-order dulu.., harga masih rm150 ye?

salam nak tanya yg stock nie leh buat pre order lagi x???..harga sama lagi?


@shaheeda & gewecun:

Stock yang smp hari tu dah sold out dear.. perlu pre-order jika berminat..

Harga promosi telah tamat pd 31st March..

Kini MH dijual pada harga RM 170

kalau sy nak order ada lagi tak?.. kalau ada sy nak bank-in kan deposit

Ready Stock N/A

Perlu Pre-order.. tp promo price ni dah end 31st March hari tu.. New Price RM 170.. ble place order di-estore kami..

bila nk buat promotion dgn harga rm 150 lagi? x cukup only 3 units sold with promo price and same people get it..huhu

Hi Mummy Ira..

That was introductory price as we bring new item to FW and same people got it because they really loyal to follow our progress & updates (^__^)..

Make sure u become our follower to get updated with new promos..

its ok..i'm new here..new mummy to be...i nk order madela harmony 1 piece..how to proceed?kene register dulu ke sblm nk order?

hai..boleh order lg ke madela harmony??

place order disini ye -> http://www.my1stop.com.my/v2/mall/index.php?lot=1031&item=14336

ade lg ke MH ni...agak2 kalo sy nk dlm ptghn bln 7 ni dpt x?

ira: ade satu lg stok available untuk awak..hehe..ok ke?..ble place order di sini http://www.my1stop.com.my/v2/mall/index.php?lot=1031&item=14336

boleh order lg ke ni


masih available PRE-ORDER

ETA 2-3 weeks

if ok, ble place order di ->


boleh order lg ke? sempat x dpt b4 raye?


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