Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stock Updates: Philips Avent Manual Arrived On March 22nd, 2011

Salam and Hi to All,

We are glad to inform that, 12 units of Avent Manual were safely arrived to us on 22nd March and was successfuly delivered to the owner.

    SOLD TO:

    1. Pn. Adila
    2. Pn. Suzila
    3. Pn. Aie
    4. Pn. Farrah 
    5. Pn. Norazlizah
    6. Pn. Zuraihan
    7. Pn. Emma Akmar
    8. Pn. Azizah
    9. Pn. Hani Nadzrah
    10. Pn. Shariza
    11. Pn. Azurah
    12. Pn. Azimah
    There will be incoming stocks in 3/4 weeks times for 12 units Avent Manual and was fully booked by:
    1. Pn. Mardiana
    2. Pn. Noraini Deraman
    3. Pn. Suhana
    4. Pn. Marina
    5. Pn. Noraini Ahmad
    6. Pn. Farihah
    7. Pn. Nasheila
    8. Pn. Adibah
    9. Pn. Rohani
    10. Pn. Zullizah
    11. Pn. Adillah
    12. Pn. Wan
    We are now open pre-order for Avent Manual starting from 1st April 2011 - 15th April 2011. Delivery will be 3/4 weeks after closing pre-order date.

    Thank you for choosing FW as your  BF partner. We glad that we can contribute to your successful BF Journey, InsyaAllah

    Faheem's Wardrobe



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