Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stock Updates: Medela Swing Safely Arrived Today(08/02/11)

Salam and Hi to All,

We are glad to inform that, 8 unit of Medela Swing were safely arrived to us today. We will notify the owner soon to clear all the balance payment and to confirm the delivery method and details.
Brand New Medela Swing in Box

Medela Swing Package from US
The Medela Swing were SOLD TO: ( SOLD OUT!!)
  1. Pn. Hani
  2. Pn. Hasyimah
  3. Pn. Hasyimah
  4. Pn. Aminah
  5. Pn. Fadilah
  6. Mr. Izwan
  7. Available SOLD to Pn Arni
  8. Available SOLD to Pn Wani
More Updates!
InsyaAllah, more breastpump stocks will arrive end of this week and early next week. Please find the updates below:

4 x Medela Freestyle -  SOLD TO:
  1. Pn. Dieha
  2. Pn. Ida
  3. Pn. Azlin
  4. Pn. Ilham
8 x Avent Manual - SOLD TO:
  1. Pn. Najiah
  2. Pn. Shairiah
  3. Pn. Win Nee
  4. Pn. Yan Bee
  5. Available
  6. Available
  7. Available
  8. Available
If you wish FW to reserve the "Available" slot for you, please log your order at our e-store and make 50% deposit payment to confirm the booking. Please note, it is base on first come first serve basis.

Thank you for choosing FW as your  BF partner. We glad that we can contribute to your successful BF Journey, InsyaAllah

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