Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stock Updates: Philips AVENT Single Manual Safely Arrived Today(19/02/11)

Salam and Hi to All,

We are glad to inform that, 4 units of Avent Manual were safely arrived to us today and All are available at ONLY RM 170 with FREE DELIVERY to Pen. Malaysia:

  1. Available, Sold to  Roslinda, Ipoh
  2. Available, Sold to Azlin, Terengganu
  3. Available, Sold to Lina, K. Bharu
  4. Available, Sold to Masita, Jempol
Incoming Stocks:

4 x Medela Freestyle (ETA - Tomorrow), SOLD to:
  1. Pn. Diyana
  2. Pn. Dina
  3. Pn. Khairiyah
  4. Pn. Nadia
4 x Medela Swing (ETA - Tomorrow), SOLD to:
  1. Pn. Azura
  2. Pn. Khairiyah
  3. Pn. Najwa
  4. Available, Pn. Faridhatul, Rawang
If you wish FW to reserve the "Available" slot for you, please log your order at our e-store and make 50% deposit payment to confirm the booking. Please note, it is base on first come first serve basis.

Thank you for choosing FW as your  BF partner. We glad that we can contribute to your successful BF Journey, InsyaAllah

Faheem's Wardrobe


Salam Diyana,

Still pending at customs, agent kata either semalam or hari ini smp... semalam xde, hopefully hari ini sampai.. will inform you later.


All 4 Swing and 4 Freestyle Safely Arrived..

mcm mana nk ordeR?


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